Course curriculum

    1. The Need for Mentoring in a Changing World

    1. The Making of a Mentoring Relationship

    1. Fostering A Mentoring Culture Around You

    1. Finding and Engaging Your Mentors

    1. Creating a Mentored Development Plan

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  • 5 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content
  • 38 Page Script and Study Guide

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Dan Steiner and Laura Flanders

Dan Steiner

As a leadership coach, Dan helps people become the sort of leader others want to follow. He is a coach, speaker, author, and mentor who specializes in helping people navigate change and become a life-giving influence in their work. With over 15 years of leadership development experience, Dan has a unique ability to come alongside leaders as they connect the dots between their personal and professional lives, helping them discover more about who they are and who they want to become. Foundational to his coaching philosophy is the idea that identity informs action – character informs leadership. Dan has strong listening and communication skills, honed with over two decades of experience in the education and non-profit sectors. A common thread that runs through his career is listening to people’s stories, helping them develop goals, and championing their success. He creates a relational space to discern and pursue goals that lead towards health in the whole of life. Dan is also a professional photographer and videographer.

Laura Flanders

Laura is a board-certified executive/leadership coach with Taproot Innovation. Her ideal coaching client is someone wanting to not only grow in their profession, but also in the whole of life; people pursuing total solutions, career satisfaction, wholeheartedness and a culture of goodness. After spending nearly two decades leading a mentored learning curriculum in higher education, Laura is sought out as a consultant to organizations wanting to incorporate the use of self-selected mentoring and self-directed development plans in their professional and personal growth initiatives. An avid gardener, Laura uses gardening as a gateway to write about finding, sustaining and nurturing hope during times of sorrow and loss. She also enjoys hiking, lake kayaking, biking, and eating a home cooked meal with others.